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Chapman University Study on America's Top Fears—Where Do You Stand?

Get to the heart of safety—Results of Chapman University's 2018 study on America's Top Fears lists tornadoes:

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Where To Go With Just 13 Safe Minutes of Tornado Lead Time?

13 minutes to seek safe tornado shelter? Find your easy, fast safety here:

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Know These 10 Tornado Facts?

10 tornado facts, and how to stay weather-aware safe:

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Happy Holidays! Office Hours, Last-Minute Gift Idea

Happy Holiday hours from American Tornado Master:

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Break From the Holiday Rush With This Tornado Quiz

Get a break from the mayhem with tips to avoid tornado mayhem:

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Tornadoes Are No Holiday. Wrap Up a Gift of Safety!

Wrap Up a Gift of Safety This Holiday Season:

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Are You Prepared? How to Not be Gobbled Up by a Tornado; TEDx Talk

How not to be gobbled up by a tornado; critical TEDx tornado talk:

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Tornado Quiz Time in North Texas! (It's No Trick...Find Your Treat Here) + DST this weekend!

Can you solve this tornado quiz? Find tornado safe room info here. DST this weekend:

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Derechos, Straight-line Winds,Tornadoes—Oh, My

Derecho? Know your severe weather terms and when to find your safe room in North Texas, Southern Oklahoma:

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Live Science Lists the #1 Weather Threat

Live Science lists the #1 weather threat. We provide a safe solution:

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