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American Tornado Master's Articles

Chapman University Study on America's Top Fears—Where Do You Stand?

Get to the heart of safety—Results of Chapman University's 2018 study on America's Top Fears lists tornadoes:

Where To Go With Just 13 Safe Minutes of Tornado Lead Time?

13 minutes to seek safe tornado shelter? Find your easy, fast safety here:

Know These 10 Tornado Facts?

10 tornado facts, and how to stay weather-aware safe:

Happy Holidays! Office Hours, Last-Minute Gift Idea

Happy Holiday hours from American Tornado Master:

Break From the Holiday Rush With This Tornado Quiz

Get a break from the mayhem with tips to avoid tornado mayhem:

Tornadoes Are No Holiday. Wrap Up a Gift of Safety!

Wrap Up a Gift of Safety This Holiday Season:

Are You Prepared? How to Not be Gobbled Up by a Tornado; TEDx Talk

How not to be gobbled up by a tornado; critical TEDx tornado talk:

Tornado Quiz Time in North Texas! (It's No Trick...Find Your Treat Here) + DST this weekend!

Can you solve this tornado quiz? Find tornado safe room info here. DST this weekend:

Derechos, Straight-line Winds,Tornadoes—Oh, My

Derecho? Know your severe weather terms and when to find your safe room in North Texas, Southern Oklahoma:

Live Science Lists the #1 Weather Threat

Live Science lists the #1 weather threat. We provide a safe solution:

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