EF-scales, tornadoes, waterspouts

How familiar are you with the EF-scales in rating the severity of tornadoes? If you're not quite sure what each means, see information here about EF tornado ratings, who developed the scales, and other related information. And do you know the difference between a tornadic waterspout and a tornado? The topic arose during recent reports related to Hurricane Irma. Further, waterspouts can be either fair weather or tornadic waterspouts

See how various EF tornado damage may affect buildings

You may have recently seen photo demonstrations of the levels of hurricane wind damage on TV, presented by NBC's Al Roker. Now, let's take a look at how each level of tornado damage may appear, as related to pictures of actual tornado damage. See how tornado damage may appear related to EF-type scales. It can all be very scary stuff and threaten human life. To protect from tornadoes and combat tornado fears, American Tornado Master has developed severe weather shelters and tested them at the Texas Tech National Wind Institute for safety. For your safety. For more information, contact American Tornado Master.