School is firmly in session—Do your kids know their tornado terms? (Ask them).

Needing some mealtime conversation topics? (Maybe you could even learn weather-related terms in the process when things may not seem as familiar). Let's give it a try.

Okay, kids, raise your hand if you know the answer to some key tornado-related questions:

  1. What is a tornado?
  2. How do tornadoes form?
  3. What are key factors for tornadoes to form?
  4. What do tornadoes look like?
  5. What is a funnel cloud?
  6. How do tornadoes stop?


Now, how about some tougher weather-related questions:

  1. What is a mesocyclone?
  2. What is a super-cell thunderstorm?
  3. What is a micro burst?
  4. What is a waterspout?
  5. What is hail? What is the largest hailstone recorded in the United States, and when?
  6. What is a gustnado?
  7. What is a land spout?


Need the answers? Find tornado and weather-related answers here from Weather Wiz Kid Crystal Wicker. And for more information on how to stay safe in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma, contact American Tornado Master.