DST change coming this weekend

May want to change your clocks prior to sleeping this Saturday evening, and then enjoy an extra hour of sleep. As is said, "Spring ahead, fall behind." (As in fall back for more sleep). To have a safe room to fall back into, contact American Tornado Master to learn about your options of above- or below-ground tornado shelter and safe rooms.

Do you know the stats on tornadoes in North Texas, even Southern Oklahoma by month? Tornadoes do show here in November. This November is a great month to prepare for tornadoes that can occur later in the month and in December. Let's look at the tornado stats for November and December. Remember the deadly December 2015 Dallas-area tornadoes?

We just finished the "trick-or-treat" Halloween event. But a tornado is neither a small event, nor is it a treat. Don't get tricked into thinking that you can be safe in your home. Rely upon a safe room from American Tornado Master for severe weather safety and for a safe place to be when danger may loom. Contact American Tornado Master soon to discover your feasible options for a safe room on your own property, to access quickly.