Tornadoes even in January

The holiday rush may be over, but the tornado season rings throughout the year. Yes, even in this January, 2018 a tornado was spotted in DeKalb, Texas. Do you know where DeKalb is (and how close it is to you)? See here: DeKalb, Texas.

It's quiz time!

Do you know the average number of United States tornadoes by state? Take a good look at Texas and Oklahoma (ouch). Learn from experts at Texas Tech University National Wind Institute the value of a severe weather storm shelter, a safe room from American Tornado Master. (Sure is a relief to know that you have a handy place very nearby to protect yourself and your family in the even of a weather disaster).

Don't let a tornado scar your family. While not easy, it's one thing for a tornado to scar land (and a tornado land scar can last a long time and even be seen from space). But the toll that a tornado can take on humans can be far, far worse—from jumping at the first sound of a similar noise to losing a loved one, there really is no comparison. And that's a big reason why American Tornado Master developed severe weather shelters—to protect valuable human life. While not easy, structures can be rebuilt. But a human life?

How to stay personally safe

Contact American Tornado Master this week, even now, to learn more about how to stay safe.