Spring is really around the corner. But what if a tornado rips around the corner, too?

We're finally nearing the end of this week's massive rain event. But when you see the sunshine later this weekend, don't assume it's all blue skies and roses ahead. While this week's rain bout may end, we're only entering a huge tornado season. While records back up that tornadoes can and do happen during every month of the year, springtime seems to be very vulnerable in many places and often when many think of tornadoes. Look at tornadoes in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma (red in the map is far from Valentine's Day remnants).

Recent DFW-area tornadoes

In tornado talk, zero does not mean all is okay. Recently three (3) EF-0 tornadoes were spotted near DFW. The havoc that tornadoes in Johnson County, Texas wreaked was very scary. Why take chances with your life and the lives of your family?

How to obtain your safe room

Now, wouldn't you feel far more comfortable to know that you have a tested, proven spot to hunker down during a severe weather event? Your solution is near. Contact American Tornado Master to learn how we can provide a safe room right there on your property, even in your garage.