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Hurricane Harvey and tornadoes—a key to staying safe

Hurricane Harvey and tornadoes have safety preparation in common. Read about evacuation:

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School Time Nears Around Dallas–Soon, the End of High Heat, but Tornado Risk Continues–Tornado Watch v. Warning

It's about that "school time" of year again—Good for school to be in session; tornado threats still loom. How to protect:

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American Tornado Master Featured on TV

Ever take a good look at the entire American Tornado Master website? Hint:

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What is Your Worst Fear, North Texas and Southern Oklahoma?

What are your fears? Find a way to calm a big tornado fear here:

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Kaboom is a Fun Town Sound on the 4th of July but Not During a Tornado

What will a "kaboom" mean to you in your town? Discover here, plus American Tornado Master holiday hours:

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Meaning of EF-Scales for Tornadoes

Defining the EF-Tornado Scales:

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27 Tornadoes Recently – Newscaster Talks About Severe Weather Shelter

27 tornadoes recently across the upper/lower middle of the United States. How to seek safe shelter:

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7 Tornadoes, 4 Deaths Near Dallas Recently

7 confirmed tornadoes, 4 deaths – solutions here:

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Why Get a Severe Weather Storm Shelter?

When tornado sirens truly blaze, find your safe spot here:

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Act Now for Severe Weather Safety – 3 Are 3 Tornadoes Too Many

Confirmed: 3 recent tornadoes. Straight-line winds v. tornadoes. Officers honored for bravery. Find your safe spot here:

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