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Below Ground Steel Storm Shelters

We have four new sizes of flush-mount tornado storm shelters to meet your family’s needs. We have an 8-person Regular storm shelter, 10-person large storm shelter, 12-person X-Large storm shelter, and a 14-person Jumbo storm shelter. We also have 10 new upgraded features that makes them the best garage tornado storm shelters on the market today. We also have an 8-person and a 14-person tornado shelter that comes with a 4" raised sliding door that can be installed in your yard, patio, driveway, or carport.

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Regular Flush Tornado Storm Shelters

Storm Shelter Dimensions: 3' feet wide by 6' feet long by 4 1/2' feet deep

  • Has the New, included, battery operated, filtered, forced-air ventilation and lighting.
  • Has auto-latching and outer key locking, sliding, ball-bearing door.
  • Three carpeted, removable stairs for more room.
  • Two carpeted, adjustable benches.
  • Has the new patch-free installation.
  • Has adjustable, removable, hand-rail.
  • Both lids removable in an emergency.
  • This unit can seat eight average sized adults with stairs removed. It has the “new” quartz-epoxy coating and carries the Lifetime Transferable Warranty against rusting out and leaking.


Large Flush Tornado Storm Shelters

Storm Shelter dimensions: 3' feet wide by 8' feet long by 4 1/2' feet deep

  • Has all the same features as the Regular unit except it is two feet longer.
  • Has a fourth removable step


Jumbo-Flush Tornado Storm Shelters

Storm Shelter Dimensions: 5' feet wide by 8' feet long by 4'6" feet deep.

  • Identical to the extra-large unit except it is one foot wider.
  • Will seat 14 average sized adults


Jumbo Standard Door Tornado Shelters

Storm Shelter dimensions: 4'6'' Wide by 8'0" Long by 4'6'' High

  • Shelter has four steel retractable stairs for more seating.
  • Has removable handrail
  • Unit has two padded adjustable benches
  • Storm Shelter protrudes four inches above floor at highest point.

This is our “Jumbo” shelter that seats 12 or more average size adults. It’s huge size gives plenty of elbow room when the neighbors show up. It has the same quality as our other shelters and includes a Lifetime Warranty.


Regular Standard Door Tornado Storm Shelters

Storm Shelter dimensions: 36"W x 72"L x 54"D

  • Storm Shelter has three removable carpeted stairs for more elbow room.
  • Has removable handrail
  • Unit has two padded adjustable benches


Shelter Accessories

Duralon Door Covers

  • We have three sizes of Duralon covers available for each model of shelters.
  • They keep the shelter clean and prevent moisture from entering when the shelter is installed outside.
  • The flat-top covers are magnetic with a 2" magnet sewn in around the perimeter.

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All of American Tornado Master products have been tested at the Texas Tech University National Wind Institute and are engineered to meet or exceed the FEMA 320/361 and the ICC 500 Building codes.

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