This is not what I expected to be writing about.  Plans change.  Mother Nature still has a grip on us and our weird weather year continues.  The United States has experienced more than 1,200 possible tornadoes.  I watch the news and the phrase that keeps running through my mind is “…those poor people…”

While many were making Halloween plans, residents of parts of Texas and Oklahoma were hearing storm sirens and glued to their weather radios.  Some of these storms were strong enough to damage what Wikipedia refers to as “site-built homes.”  Fortunately, no lives were lost.

Now we are in November and old records are being broken.  Less than a week ago a new record was set for the number of tornadoes in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.  Ten tornadoes in one day, in a part of the country that is less likely than us in North Texas and Oklahoma, to be tornado savvy.  Those poor people.

Although the bulk of this year’s tornadoes have been EF0 and EF1 rated storms, that level of intensity is still enough to wreak havoc.  The strength of these events makes a person thankful they have a safe place to shelter.  Those who don’t have that place, after the moment has passed, probably wish they did.  In this time of being thankful, let’s also be practical, so we can continue to be thankful in years to come.

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